Lodging, food and participation fees

Please take note of the information of this page and then confirm your participation and supply all necessary precisions to the organizors in the form below.

The conference (conference room, restaurant, hotel) will be held at the IGESA hotel

The conference fees are :

  • 612 euros for a single room
  • 504 euros for a double room.

Important: The fees include the bus tickets, the boat tickets, hotel and food (including all kind of beverages), the conference dinner, and the participation fees, for the six days. So, it includes pretty much everything.
Please note that this price is a lump sum: fees are unchanged if the stay is shorter.

There is a finite number of rooms (strictly less than the estimated number of participants), so you might be asked to share a room.

The payment of the fees can be done as follows:

  • if you are working in a French University, please proceed to the payment via a “bon de commande” to the IGESA corresponding to the fees – Also, please indicate in the bon de commande the following reference:

Conference CNRS Porquerolles – Seuret – FARF – Family name and first name of the participants covered by the bon de commande

It is recommended to proceed with the ” bon de commande ” before July 2022.

  • if you are not working in a French University, there are two ways:

  1. Preferred method: Organize a bank transfer to the IGESA bank account :

IBAN: FR76 3000 3032 9000 0372 6457 508


It is mandatory that the bank transfer respects a precise nomenclature: it must be referred to as (without accents)

PRQ – FARF – Family name – First name of the participant

For instance, it can be PRQ – FARF – SEURET – STEPHANE.

2. Credit card: it is possible to pay directly at the IGESA hotel at Porquerolles, during the first two days of the conference (warning: American Express is not accepted).

In case you need a document from the IGESA hotel to proceed with the payment in advance, please send an e-mail to Stéphane Seuret at seuret@u-pec.fr with all the information you need.

A certificate of payment and presence will be delivered the first day of the conference to every participant.

Confirmation Form